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  • Davos 2015: Six steps to sustainable economic growth

    The World Economic Forum in Davos hosted an all-star panel tasked with laying out their plans for for creating economic growth in a sustainable manner while adhering to a 2C global warming target.
  • Triple Validation of Sluice Levels for the EA by Pulsar

    Pulsar® Process Measurement Ltd have helped the EA measure and validate water levels within two vital sluices that protect Manchester and other population centres along the River Mersey from the risk of flooding. To validate the measured levels, Pulsar supplied three dBi Intelligent Transducers at each location, programmed via HART modems, with analogue signals routed through PLCs to confirm the measurement.
  • ISO 14001 revision proceeds to final stage

    The revision process for the ISO 14001 on environmental management systems has progressed to the Final Draft International Standard stage following a 92% approval feedback on the proposed changes at the end of 2014.
  • Three minutes to midnight: Climate change pushes Doomsday Clock forward

    Climate change and nuclear tensions have brought 'the end of the world' closer than at any point since 1983, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists who operate the fabled Doomsday Clock.



The Wasters Blog

  • Mobile Recycling – Old Phones and What to Do and Not to Do!
    What Should You Do With Your Old Mobile Phone? Mobile phones are at record demand levels, with new releases every year encouraging consumers to replace their old models with the latest innovations. But what happens to those old mobiles? Usually, they are locked away to gather dust, or thrown away and added to what is […]
  • The Arguments for Recycling – Why We Should All Care About Recycling
    The Arguments in Favour of Recycling – What you need to know! By now, we’re familiar with the ecological and environmental arguments for recycling, not only to benefit ourselves but also the future generations. Although responding to our personal responsibilities in this way is a good thing, there is still the wider community conscience and […]
  • Examples of Renewable Resources
    Renewable resources are things like water, soil, air, forests and animals. Tags: List of Non Renewable Resources, Definition of Renewable Resource, 10 Non Renewable Resources, examples of renewable resources, What is a Renewable Resource
  • Energos Shows Profit from its Innovative Gasification of Residual Waste
    Waste incineration has continued to grow in the UK and many other countries as a proportion of the total residual waste stream. It has to be accepted that it is a highly effective method to divert waste away from landfill, due to the fact that as a proportion of the original input tonnage, the ash […]
  • UK Landfill Tax Exceeds £5 Per Wheely Bin For Average Family Collection
    The UK Landfill Tax rate which has been raised every year since 1999 is now £80/tonne for every cubic metre of waste placed in a landfill. Next year (2015) it will only rise in line with inflation (the Retail Price Index – RPI), Chancellor George Osborne announced in the budget in March of this year. But, it […]
  • Landfill Dogs – The Real Story
    A recent blog was posted under the heading “Landfill Dogs” which showed a US lady who has been saving dogs rescued from a life of scrounging through waste on a local landfill. It gave the impression that all landfill operators are at the best unfeeling toward stray animals, and at worst neglectful and cruel. Now, […]
  • Zero Waste to Landfill Achieved by Moy Park While Doubters Remain to be Convinced
      The Waster himself has remained a skeptic on the ability of companies to hold true to their bold statements about achieving that utopian aim of “zero waste”. We would all like to think that those suffering from “bad neighbour landfills” on their doorstep, will soon wake-up to find their local landfill closed for good […]
  • Poo Power Infographic Re-Published To Raise Awareness of Energy from Waste in Our Latest AD Blog Post
    This post is about another web page, which we hope that you will want to visit to find out more about energy from waste. Read-on and you will discover why that is. Here (below) the top part of the new infographic from that other page, which we have been given permission to use by Lanes for […]
  • Waste Management Careers
    Careers in waste management are all about the pickup, transporting and disposing wastes coming from households, industries and other institutions. Waste management has become a huge industry on its own, and it is a growing industry so there are many great opportunities for those that take up waste management careers. There are, for example, many […]
  • Zero Waste Disadvantages – Is Not Sending Any Waste to Landfill Really Such a Good Idea?
    The idea of “zero waste” has now become very popular with the public around much of the world, but is it really so good? Cutting back on the waste that ends up in landfills was always favoured by those that live close to them, and naturally when it was suggested that no waste should go […]

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Environmental News

  • New GHG Guidance Welcomed, But Still Some Challenges Ahead

    Following today’s launch of the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) new GHG accounting guidance, IEMA has “broadly welcomed” the publication, but warns of some potential challenges for Environment & Sustainability professionals with GHG responsibilities.

  • No Time for a Breather

    IEMA Says EC Must Push Ahead with Action on Circular Economy and Improved Air Quality in 2015

    The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) is concerned by the European Commission’s plans to drop its key EU Circular Economy package and slow progress on its Air Quality package in its work programme for 2015.

  • IEMA calls for Government and business commitment to a sustainability skills strategy

    Skills Position Statement launched at IEMA Parliamentary event this week.

  • Overwhelming Support for Revised ISO 14001

    ISO 14001 revision receives overwhelming support after ballot on Draft International Standard.

  • IEMA Pleased to Name Latest Successful Upgrades

    41 IEMA Members have been successful in achieving their goal to become an AIEMA, MIEMA or CEnv. We would like to congratulate each and every one of the Members listed here on their dedication and success.

    Associate (AIEMA)

    ·         Thomas Rose, Turner Estate Solutions Ltd

    ·         Andrew Davies, ABB Ltd

    ·         Jason Chambers          

    ·         Joe Inskip, Bridon International

    ·         Paige Atkinson, Richmond Safety Services Ltd

    ·         Andrew Kirk, Tata Steel Projects

  • Read Tim Balcon’s Latest CEO Blog - 'In it for the long term'

    IEMA’s CEO calls for an end to “short termist” attitudes

    It is more essential than ever to protect environmental management, as a practice and as a profession, from distortion.

  • Number of ISO 14001 Certificates Tops 300,000

    UK Shows Encouraging Growth in Latest ISO 14001 Data

    The latest data on the uptake of the international Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001 shows that the number of certificates issued worldwide has exceeded the 300,000 mark for the first time. This increase comes just as the ballot on the Draft International Standard (DIS) on the revised version of ISO 14001 closes, ahead of expected implementation in 2015.

  • Over 50 Members Have Just Upgraded

    Achieving an IEMA Professional level of Membership is the goal of many Environment & Sustainability Professionals, and yet another batch of candidates can say they’ve been successful.

    These 51 Members (see below) have been able to demonstrate that they have the required level of knowledge and experience to meet our exacting standards, and as a result are now entitled to use their new professional suffix (AIEMA or MIEMA CEnv). We'd like to congratulate everyone here on their success. Well done!


  • IEMA Responds to Brussels Energy and Climate Change Summit Outcomes

    40% reduction is a "minimum baseline says IEMA. 

    On the evening of Thursday 23 October,  EU leaders committed that by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by at least 40%, while there will be an increase in energy efficiency and renewables by at least 27%.

    IEMA quickly responded to the outcomes and commitments, stating:

  • ESOS Launch Energizes New Opportunities for IEMA Members

    IEMA’s approval to operate assessment register opens up new opportunities for Members.

    With the recent launch of the Environment Agency’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Auditor Members of IEMA have just become eligible to become approved independent Assessors of the scheme.

    IEMA is one of only eleven organisations - and one of only six professional bodies or associations - approved by DECC to operate an ESOS Lead Energy Assessor Register.