A leading integrated waste management business in the UK which operates across the breadth of the waste management value chain.

 It provides waste collection, treatment and recycling, and disposal services to local and national customers in the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.
Biffa's business is grouped into four operating divisions:

  • Collection
  • Special Waste
  • Landfill
  • Power Generation


Biffa has one of the largest waste collection networks in the UK, with 86 depots and over 1,400 vehicles which collected over four million tonnes of waste last year from around 70,000 industrial and commercial customers and almost one million households, including through two fully integrated waste management contracts under the Private Finance Initiative with Isle of Wight Council and Leicester City Council. In September 2008, Biffa was appointed as preferred bidder for the 25 year West Sussex County Council waste treatment and disposal contract.

Special Waste

Biffa provides a range of specialised services for the collection, treatment and recycling, and disposal of solid and liquid hazardous waste for industrial and commercial customers. The special waste division operates throughout the UK, including specialist transfer stations, liquid treatment plants and a dedicated fleet of specialised vehicles.


Biffa is one of the leading operators of landfill services in the UK, and in FY 07/08 handled more than 7.6 million tonnes of waste at its operational landfill sites. At the end of the FY 07/08, our 27 operational landfill sites totalled consented and operational void of 67 million cubic metres, of which 11 million cubic metres is leased to another landfill operator. Additionally we had 6 million cubic metres of consented but not operational void, whilst also continuing to control 29 million cubic metres of potential void. The landfill division's customers include Biffa's collection division, local authorities and most other major waste collection businesses operating in the UK.

The division also incorporates Biffa's dry waste treatment and recycling business. This comprises 43 facilities for the bulking up of waste and for the sorting of recyclable materials such as paper, card, metal, plastics and glass.

Power Generation

Biffa is a significant provider of renewable energy in the UK with interests in more than 100 MW of installed capacity.


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Coronation Road,
High Wycombe,
HP12 3TZ

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