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  • Optimizing Water and Wastewater Operations via the Industrial Internet

    Conflicting pressures to minimise rate increases while investing in network upgrades and repairs can seem impossible to resolve.
  • Partech solve drinks company dilemma

    Partech have delivered impressive results after being approached by a major drinks company to monitor wastewater points across an enclosed inner-city site.
  • Laser diodes combat cross-gas interference

    Knowing exactly where methane (CH4) emissions are occurring on site is essential in order for AD biogas plants to comply with environmental enforcement agencies and save valuable energy, yet cross-gas interference can often cause a problem in identifying accurate emission locations and the gases present.
  • Not all particles are equal

    Recently, the Prime Minister's car was covered by a thin layer of Saharan dust and air quality was suddenly a lead item in the national news.



The Wasters Blog

  • Waste Management Careers
    Careers in waste management are all about the pickup, transporting and disposing wastes coming from households, industries and other institutions. Waste management has become a huge industry on its own, and it is a growing industry so there are many great opportunities for those that take up waste management careers. There are, for example, many […]
  • Zero Waste Disadvantages – Is Not Sending Any Waste to Landfill Really Such a Good Idea?
    The idea of “zero waste” has now become very popular with the public around much of the world, but is it really so good? Cutting back on the waste that ends up in landfills was always favoured by those that live close to them, and naturally when it was suggested that no waste should go […]
  • Win Back Money and Time with Waste Management Services
    Waste management has become of crucial importance for businesses across all sectors. The process of waste disposal for businesses is somewhat different to residential waste management – mainly due to the large volume of waste businesses produce, compared to the relatively small amount of waste produced in the home.  Advantages of Adopting Sustainable Waste Management […]
  • What do People Mean When They Refer to Garbage Disposal?
    What do you call those indispensable appliances in the kitchen? They chop up the bits and pieces of food waste, allowing them to be washed away when the tap runs. These are sometimes called garbage disposers, waste macerators, waste choppers, and sink grinders depending on where you live.
  • MBT Composting is Unjustified and a Waste of Money
    Back in the 1990s the European Union (EU) passed a directive which must be complied with by all member states, with heavy fines for non-compliance. The stated aim was to substantially reduce landfilling and in particular the amount of organic matter being sent to landfill. Now, for improving the sustainability of the economies of Europe […]
  • Landfill Energy Systems Power Ahead in the United States
    There have been numerous news items in the last few months showing that activity in landfill energy systems is continuing at a high level in the US. The most popular of the landfill energy systems is landfill gas utilization, and progress with new LFG extraction and generation schemes is being announced every week, following EPA initiatives […]
  • The 4 Types of Nuclear Waste and UK Nuclear Decommissioning Stats
    The 4 types of nuclear waste In this post we have included a copy of our info-graphic which explains what the 4 types of nuclear waste are (High Level Nuclear Waste, Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste, Low Level Nuclear Waste, and Very Low Level Nuclear Waste). Our source is an extract from part of the excellent […]
  • NCE’s Annual Contractors File 2013 and a List Top UK Civil Engineering Contractors of 2012
    NCE's Annual Contractors File 2013 and List of Top UK Civil Engineering Contractors of 2012-13
  • How UK Landfill Problems Led To Action And A Plea For More Recycling In YOUR Kitchen
    Still millions of people and companies all over the world that have yet to understand the potentially highly negative impact of landfill problems. Plus a plea for YOU to Recycle at home.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Tip Waste – A Good Question To Ask
    How much does it cost to tip your rubbish How Much Does It Cost To Tip Waste? – It May Be Good Question To Ask But It Is Hard To Give An Answer! A number of our website visitors have recently asked us how much it costs to tip waste. It is a simple question […]

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